Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Relieved! and Satisfied!

I am so glad I read this right after my last YA. There's a satisfying happy ending and the book is amazingly not completely predictable. I love the fact that Jane actually has two love interests and it ends well with both, yet leaving it open in the end so you don't know who she ultimately ends up with. It's up in the air. She's definitely a lucky girl! Both guys really care about her and no one is a jerk. It's so refreshing because a lot of love stories have one couple that starts out well with a guy friend on the outside, waiting for his shot, until the girl realizes her boyfriend's a jerk and ends up with the nice guy. Animal Attraction, however, comes up with two really great guys who don't fall into the stereotype they seemed to be typecasted in and Jane ends up with a pretty tough choice.
Now, I don't like the fact that there's still the whole mean girl aspect of it. Girls who are all best friends suddenly has a friend who used to be a best friend and is not anymore. In fact, she's out of the group and the mean girl. That was too boring and predictable. I also don't buy it that Crystal starts crying when Jane yells at her and tries to get her to think of Melanie again. I think Ponti did a fantastic job developing Alex and Grayson, but not so much the girls with the exception of Jane. Even so, this was a fun read and finally, someone has verbalized Radio Karma! I was excited for that because I always wondered if anyone else believed in the radio predicting what may happen to you when you start the ignition in your car. I'm also glad that the book delivers a positive message to girls. The person you should be with should be someone you can be comfortable around, not the hottie who you have to try so hard not to fart around. But that's just me. =)

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